By Dr. Alan E. Diehl

A government whistleblower reveals what could, and more importantly, should have happened to the icon.
The CIA psychologist assigned to spy on her discovers the Deep State’s assassination plot. Knowing she does not deserve to die, he goes rogue and plans her kidnapping.But how can he prevent relentless pursuers from murdering them both?
Throughout her life, Marilyn was the quintessential Me Too victim. At the height of her fame, she became intimate with the two Kennedy brothers, who tied to impress her by revealing some of this nation’s darkest secrets.
Singing “Happy Birthday, Mister President” caused a scandal, and they dumped her. RFK then unceremoniously demanded Marilyn conceal their affairs. Shocked, the jilted actress threatened to disclose the classified information to prove their trysts.
Central Intelligence Agency officials were determined to prevent this and assigned Dr. Dirk Mitchell to secretly analyze her behavior.
A consummate professional, he realized Monroe was depressed and drug dependent. He concluded she should be abducted and taken to an Agency ‘black site’ where he could employ hypnotic techniques to brainwash her.
But when CIA officials rejected that recommendation and instead planned to have the Mafia kill her, Mitchell decided to risk his own life to save her.
He then discovered that an erstwhile Marilyn impersonator had just died of a drug overdose and staged a daring body swap.
During their escape attempt, Mitchell must employ all of his ‘secret agent’ skills to outsmart her would-be assassins while treating Monroe’s mental problems and resisting the lady’s amorous overtures.
The scenario described herein is consistent with the known facts of this epic mystery.

The author received numerous classified assignments and prestigious awards during his career. He also worked with CIA operatives and interviewed an FBI agent who knew RFK. But to avoid becoming a whistleblower again, he presents this information in a novel.

His first book, Silent Knights: Blowing the Whistle on Military Accidents and Their Coverups, was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, and he has appeared on numerous programs such as CNN State of the Union, Fox News Sunday, and BBC Witness History.

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