RMK Publications Services listed here include:

  • Manuscript Formatting for Print and Ebook
  • Book Cover creation
  • Teaching authors how to set up and manage their royalty accounts.
  • Website creation and Design using WordPress

Formatting and Publishing Services

RMK Publications is owned by Rose Marie Kern.   The company provides some proofreading services as well as formatting for authors who wish to self-publish.  We can format your finished manuscript and create a cover for print and/or eBook on KDP Amazon, Ingram Spark or 48 Hour books.  We will assist you in creating your own account with those organizations, copyrighting, ISBNs and uploading the final product.

The initial consultation either in person, via zoom, or over the phone is free of charge.  The initial discussion goes over the expected timeline and formatting specifics requested by the author.  This will be followed by a formal memorandum of understanding concerning the book.

RMK charges $30 per hour plus tax with a payment of $120 in advance.  The average time a 6×9 fiction/non-fiction book of 300 pages or less with no special design requirements takes for final proofing, formatting and uploading is around 10 hours.   Adding text boxes, links, reference pages, needing to assist authors in creating author pages, websites or setting up their accounts with the printing services or making frequent edits by the author and a lot of photo inserts increases the time needed, as do  extra services such as book cover designs. RMK bills at the end of each month and will provide a detailed hourly charge analysis.

Author will work closely with RMK to create the information required for the author’s  marketing and sales purposes.   This may include allowing us temporary access to the online account.  If requested we will initialize the interface with the chosen printer/distributor.  Once the project is complete, RMK will destroy any account information in our files and authors are encouraged to change their passwords.  All royalties resulting from sales of the book through Amazon are property of the Author.

RMK guarantees that the book will be uploaded and completed in a timely manner as long as the author has given her all materials and information needed to format and upload the manuscript.  We can also help with setting up a personal website and/or creating author pages on Amazon.

Authors may choose to have their books promoted on the RMK website.  Author can have their own page on the website and book cover on the home page carousel.

For more information contact:

RMK Publications   PO Box 9761  Albuquerque, NM  87119


Educational/Training Services

Rose will teach those who are interested in doing their own self-publishing the steps needed to publish through either Ingram Spark or KDP, or give instruction on various ways to create a book cover.

Website/Blog Training

RMK can help authors set up a website with a blog option using WordPress.  Authors can choose their own designs and be taught how to add photos, create or update pages and how to keep the site alive by creating new posts (blogs)



Rose Marie Kern is on the Board of Directors for SouthWest Writers – with over 400  members it is the largest non-profit writer’s organization in the region. She has authored over a thousand articles which have been published in regional and national magazines, as well as five books, three of which have received awards.


Books/ebooks Formatted and/or Published by RMK

  • Grandaddy’s Wisdom (ebook)   Joe Brown
  • Sara and the Still, Small Voice (Book & Ebook)  Joan Moss
  • Beagle Blues (Book & ebook) Thelma Giomi
  • Dancing to the End of Our Rainbow – (Book & ebook)Evelyn Neil
  • Check Your Financial Privilege – (Book & ebook)Alex Gladstein
  • Bitcoin is Venice – (Book & ebook)Allen Farrington
  • Mickey & Me – (ebook) E. Joe Brown
  • Shatter My Heart – (Book & ebook) Thelma Giomi
  • Abbey-Ashman: Two Colonial & Pioneering Families of North America- Paperback and Hardback Library quality – Margaret Shannon
  • Deal Me In – (Movie Script) Jacqueline Murray Loring
  • Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe – (Book & ebook) Gloria Robinson
  • Weather’s Store – (Book & ebook) Thelma Giomi
  • Blessed Street – (Book & ebook) Verne Lucero
  • My 40 Year Dialogue with Jesus – (Book & ebook) Ramon Sanchez
  • Winter’s Invitation – (Book & ebook) Thelma Giomi
  • Kidnap Marilyn –(Book & ebook) Alan E. Diehl
  • Toro: The Naked Bull – (Book) Jeffrey Candelaria
  • Bridge to Socorro – (Film Script) Jacqueline Murray Loring
  • Talking Dogs, Singing Mice, & Other Shaggy Dog Stories (book) Stan Rhine
  • Creating Microclimates for High Desert Gardening – (Book & ebook) Kern
  • Church of My Heart – (Book) Debra & Thelma Giomi
  • The BackPedalers’ Club – (Book) Karley J. Meyers
  • Seven Weeks to Forty Thousand (Book & ebook)– Dennis Kastendiek
  • The Flypaper Witch Murders – (Book & ebook) Mary Candace Mize
  • Seeing the World in 20/20 – (Book & ebook) SouthWest Writers
  • Sweet Ivy’s Gold – (Book) Paula Paul
  • Not Without Angelica!  (Children’s book) by Loretta Naranjo Lopez
  • The Church of You – Rose Kross Karamatheene
  • KiMo Theatre: Fact & Folklore – (Book & ebook) by Jacqueline Loring & SWW
  • The SouthWest Sage Anthology 2018 (Book & ebook)
  • The SWW Writing Contest Winner’s Anthology 2019 (Book & ebook)
  • …And Something Blue (ebook)  by Dennis Kastendiek
  • The Storyteller’s Anthology (ebook) by SouthWest Writers
  • Air to Ground 2020: A Guide for Pilots to the World of Air Traffic Control
  • Stress is Relative: Memoir of an Air Traffic Controller – (Book & ebook) Kern
  • The Solar Chef: A Southwestern Recipe Book – (Spiral bound book)_ Kern
  • Wombhala – (Book) Maiz
  • FUNdraising Events for Small to Medium Non-Profits – Kern
  • Victory from the Shadows – (Book & ebook) Montague
  • When the Mockingbird Won’t Sing (Book & ebook) by Victoria Ramakka