Secrets to Creating Microclimates Released

Did you know that the US Department of Agriculture updated the hardiness zone map which guides farmers and gardeners as to the expected first and last freeze dates in every area of the country?  Seed companies, greenhouses, and farms large and small have been trying to guess the coming seasons for centuries and they base their annual planting and harvesting around these dates.  We have all been noticing the changing weather patterns as the global temperatures have been slowly rising.

For individuals who enjoy growing, harvesting and preserving their own fruits and vegetables, their are ways of modifying yards and gardens to protect our plants most of which do not require going to the extreme of buying a greenhouse.   Rose Kern lives a mile high in central New Mexico, where it is imperative gardeners learn to take notice of how our location –  geographically, and vertically – affects plants.   At this altitude the cushioning layers of atmosphere enjoyed by sea level dwellers is greatly reduced.  Newbies to the area are surprised by how quickly they can get a sunburn even in mild temperatures – and don’t realize that the increased levels of solar radiation can also burn their vegetables when combined with the increasingly hot temperatures.

The Secrets to Creating Microclimates for High Desert Gardening covers basic weather patterns for the American southwest, and how to identify the microclimates all around us.    It gives ideas and advice on methods for protecting our home gardens using both commercial products as well as readily available and inexpensive options. It includes case studies of four properties located a varying altitudes from 1,000 ft to 7,500 ft. above sea level.

Author, Rose Kern is a veteran Master Gardener with certifications from the National Weather Service.  She’s given lectures on Microclimatology in New Mexico, Texas,  and Arizona for the USDA Master Gardeners program.

This full color book is available on Amazon in both print and ebook form.

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