Editing – Why Do I Need It?

You’ve just finished putting together your first manuscript and are really excited.  You can’t wait to share it with the world…but wait, people keep saying you need to have it edited.  What’s that all about?  After all you have read it a hundred times and you are sure that you have spelled everything right and the punctuation is…close?..to perfect.

The reality is that NO ONE can catch all their own errors – and I don’t just mean spelling.  Our minds know what we are trying to say and so those tricky little brain cells skim across the words without really letting things sink in. This kind of error would be caught by a COPY EDITOR.

Maybe you wrote a paragraph or chapter that would make more sense in a different place, or you’ve accidentally slipped from first person to third person without recognizing it.  Those are things a CONTENT EDITOR would catch.

I know hundreds of authors – both the self-published and traditionally published kinds.  All of them acknowledge that the most embarrassed they have been always occurs when they just shot off a manuscript without it being reviewed by one or more professionals and only afterwards discovered some major error.   Not every book needs every kind of external editing, but for an overview of the kinds of editing you at least should consider click on the link below.

Click Here for a listing of what kinds of editing each book should have prior to publishing.

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