RMK Publications Books are Finalists!


The New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards just announced their 2021 list of finalists.  Among the books listed are ones that were published via RMK Publications.  Those books and the catagories they are up for include:



The Flypaper Witch Murders   written by Mary Candace Mize  is a finalist in three categories:   Fiction: Crime  – Fiction Historical  and   1st Book-New Mexico

Fiction Anthology Category:   Seeing the World in 20/20   A collection of award winning stories and poetry from the SouthWest Writers Annual contest

Another RMK author, Jacqueline Murray Loring, whose book Bridge to Socorro was just released, is a finalist in the Political/Current Events category for her book Vietnam Veterans Unbroken.

Congratulations to all of you!

All of these book are currently available on Amazon.

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