Credentials & Kudos


The owner of RMK Publications, Rose Marie Kern,  President of SouthWest Writers – with 406 members it is the largest non-profit writer’s organization in the region. She has authored over a thousand articles which have been published in regional and national magazines, as well as five books, three of which have received awards, three stage plays and two industry training film scripts. .

Rose Marie has written for Mother Earth News, Solar Today, IFR Refresher, Plane & Pilot News, the FAA Intercom, Fly Low Magazine, The Urban Homesteader, the Atlantic Flyer,  and more.  She also gives presentations on writing, gardening, climatology and aviation history.  Rose partners with website designers, cover artists, and book editors located in central New Mexico to bring options to her clients.

To begin the process, send an email indicating interest to: or call (505) 417-6790 between 10am and 6pm Mountain time.

Kudos for RMK Publications Services

Dr. Alan E. Diehl

Ms. Kern is absolutely superb in assisting experienced and neophyte authors in producing their manuscripts. She possesses all the skills necessary to prepare projects, especially for publication on Amazon KDP. Her insights were invaluable and her recommendations both tactful and timely.

Lillian Armijo

I received my books today, and they look fantastic.  I couldn’t have done it without your help and expertise.  Thank you for facilitating this dream of mine to be a writer.  I wanted to do that as a child but didn’t know it would happen now as an adult.   Thank you, Rose!

Joyce Phillips

Rose recently formatted my new book, Stolen Sisters, and helped me publish it with Ingram Spark. She is amazing. We used zoom to personalize talking to each other and I watched her complete each step in the downloading process to publish my precious book. I was very nervous throughout the process and Rose maintained a steady strength throughout. I highly recommend her.



Books, e-books and Scripts Formatted and/or Published by RMK 

  • Stolen Sisters (Book)  Joyce Phillips
  • Armegeddon’s Angel – (Book & ebook)  Dr. Alan E. Diehl
  • My Favorite, Funniest Memories – (Book)  Lillian Armijo
  • George Leaves the Lights On! (Children’s Book) – Barbara Genovese
  • Grandaddy’s Wisdom (ebook)   Joe Brown
  • Sara and the Still, Small Voice (Book & Ebook)  Joan Moss
  • Beagle Blues (Book & ebook) Thelma Giomi
  • Dancing to the End of Our Rainbow – (Book & ebook)Evelyn Neil
  • Check Your Financial Privilege – (Book & ebook)Alex Gladstein
  • Bitcoin is Venice – (Book & ebook)Allen Farrington
  • Mickey & Me – (ebook) E. Joe Brown
  • Shatter My Heart – (Book & ebook) Thelma Giomi
  • Abbey-Ashman: Two Colonial & Pioneering Families of North America- Paperback and Hardback Library quality – Margaret Shannon
  • Deal Me In – (Movie Script) Jacqueline Murray Loring
  • Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe – (Book & ebook) Gloria Robinson
  • Weather’s Store – (Book & ebook) Thelma Giomi
  • Blessed Street – (Book & ebook) Verne Lucero
  • My 40 Year Dialogue with Jesus – (Book & ebook) Ramon Sanchez
  • Winter’s Invitation – (Book & ebook) Thelma Giomi
  • Kidnap Marilyn –(Book & ebook) Alan E. Diehl
  • Toro: The Naked Bull – (Book) Jeffrey Candelaria
  • Bridge to Socorro – (Film Script) Jacqueline Murray Loring
  • Talking Dogs, Singing Mice, & Other Shaggy Dog Stories (book) Stan Rhine
  • Creating Microclimates for High Desert Gardening – (Book & ebook) Kern
  • Church of My Heart – (Book) Debra & Thelma Giomi
  • The BackPedalers’ Club – (Book) Karley J. Meyers
  • Seven Weeks to Forty Thousand (Book & ebook)– Dennis Kastendiek
  • The Flypaper Witch Murders – (Book & ebook) Mary Candace Mize
  • Seeing the World in 20/20 – (Book & ebook) SouthWest Writers
  • Sweet Ivy’s Gold – (Book) Paula Paul
  • Not Without Angelica!  (Children’s book) by Loretta Naranjo Lopez
  • The Church of You – Rose Kross Karamatheene
  • KiMo Theatre: Fact & Folklore – (Book & ebook) by Jacqueline Loring & SWW
  • The SouthWest Sage Anthology 2018 (Book & ebook)
  • The SWW Writing Contest Winner’s Anthology 2019 (Book & ebook)
  • …And Something Blue (ebook)  by Dennis Kastendiek
  • The Storyteller’s Anthology (ebook) by SouthWest Writers
  • Air to Ground 2020: A Guide for Pilots to the World of Air Traffic Control
  • Stress is Relative: Memoir of an Air Traffic Controller – (Book & ebook) Kern
  • The Solar Chef: A Southwestern Recipe Book – (Spiral bound book)_ Kern
  • Wombhala – (Book) Maiz
  • FUNdraising Events for Small to Medium Non-Profits – Kern
  • Victory from the Shadows – (Book & ebook) Montague
  • When the Mockingbird Won’t Sing (Book & ebook) by Victoria Ramakka