Print Formatting

RMK Publications will format manuscripts intended for printed books to the specifications of either Ingram Spark, KDP Amazon or 48 Hours books using the author’s preferences for fonts, interior design, picture placement and other elements.

Most authors type their manuscripts into a standard 8.5 x 11 inch page document form, but they want the final document to fit into one of the more popular size formats.  This process takes several hours and requires understanding of what the printing company needs in order to complete and attractive document.  RMK Publications works hand in hand with the author to create the proper housing of their manuscript, regardless of final book size.

The most popular format for fiction, non-fiction and memoir books today is 6×9.  Reference materials, textbooks, and cookbooks usually require a larger layout.  Although authors will usually write in MSWord, or an .rtf format, most printing/publication companies require the manuscript to be submitted in a hard .pdf format – one that does not allow for editing.   Manuscripts must be reformatted and complete prior to conversion to a .pdf format.