Book Covers

RMK Publications can assist with creating an attractive and informative cover for your book or ebook.   This can be done as part of the formatting and uploading of a completed manuscript, or as a separate project.

Covers require the following elements:

  • Title and optional subtitle
  • Author name or pen name.
  • A short but enticing description of the books contents for the back page.
  • An ISBN number and barcode.

Over and above those basics there are several elements and considerations for the cover art.

  • What is the “feeling” which the cover should impart to the intended audience?
  • Does the author already have artwork to incorporate?
  • What color combinations best accompany the book’s manuscript?

Once the cover meets the Author’s satisfaction, RMK Publications will format it according to the specifications needed to accompany the size of the manuscript, and tweak it if needed afterwards.

Covers by RMK Publications