Concierge Publishers

In the past you only had two options, hope to be published by a big publishing house, or do everything yourself and take it to the local printshop.  Today you have choices that fall in between those two extremes.   A concierge publisher performs those actions you need help with, but does not do everything a traditional publishing company would.  Because Indie publishing has become very popular, some companies even use the word Concierge as part of their name.

A concierge is a personal assistant.  Concierge publishers offer you the whole world of services from editing, formatting, marketing, cover designs and more…at a price.  A traditional publisher will handle everything and in return take 60% or more of the royalties received from sales of the book.  Concierge publishers vary wildly in their pricing structures.  Many of them will offer to do everything for fee paid in advance as well as a smaller continuing payment taken from royalties.

RMK Publications offers specific services for a one time fee.  Authors who work with us have determined what they need, they just need a little help in a couple areas.   We are their personal assistant for getting their work published.  We can help you with books, ebooks, picture books, or chapbooks.  Our personnel have experience in many genres from memoir and self-help to romance, science fiction, mystery and more.

We are at your service!

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