Vicky Murata


It will come as no surprise that Victoria Murata loves reading and writing, and while she’s always been an avid reader, she’s only written seriously since she retired from teaching. Now that she has the time and leisure to write, she often spends hours at her computer constructing stories.

She lives in Albuquerque, NM, close to her daughter and grandchildren, and she travels to Minnesota to visit her son and his family often. She is active in her church, and writing and art also keep her busy. She belongs to a couple of writing groups and a book club.


She grew up in the 50’s and 60’s in a college town in Minnesota, close to the Mississippi River. Her childhood was free and fun and under the watchful eyes of her close-knit community and parish priests and nuns. After college and a couple years teaching in rural Minnesota, she moved to the southwest where she married, had children, and taught middle school.

Victoria believes that people have stories in them that need to be written down.
“Writing is cathartic, and sometimes others will want to read what you write. But don’t write for others. Write for yourself because you love it!”

She’s written and self-published two historical fiction novels, and she’s working on a third speculative fantasy novel.





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