Karley Meyers



Angie Randall’s parents consider having daughters an unfortunate by-product of birthing sons. Born in 1949, she emerges from a precarious Midwestern girlhood with rip-roaring anxiety and a tendency toward failure. Fleeing to Albuquerque, New Mexico, Angie is more tranquil but finds the inability to make money or friends follows her. She must find a livelihood aside from prostitution and quell a narcissistic nature that drives people away. Falling in with four freewheeling younger gals, Angie reluctantly takes on daring tasks to please them, retrieving a classic Chevy Nova from a dangerous pimp’s territory and rescuing a kidnapped auto mechanic on famous Route 66. However, displays of raw emotion and tentativeness reveal her self-absorption to the four hardy women. Will egocentricity repel these new acquaintances as it has repelled others? Or will our tenacious, self-absorbed heroine have a chance at a lawful life with the yearned-for soul mates?

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